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Vendée Globe 2016-2017

Nandor fa is a self-made boat designer and ocean skipper, founder and owner of the Fa Hajó Ltd.

He completed his first circumnavigation together with a good friend of his, aboard a self-built lake sailing-boat called Szent Jupat during the communist era in Hungary. His first ever solo round-the-globe race was the BOC Challenge in 1990, which he completed with a self-designed and built 60-footer ocean racing yacht. All together, he's navigated around the Globe five times - of which three were solo races. He's rounded Cape Horn five times, crossed the Equator ten times, and has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean two times. 

His results:

 — 1990-91 BOC Challenge: 11th place, Special Award Spirit of BOC Challenge - “Alba Regia” 60-footer racing boat

— 1992-93 Vendée Globe: 5th, az első “nem-francia”, aki teljesíti a szóló földkerülő versenyt - “K&H Bank Matáv” Imoca60 footer

 — 2014-15 Barcelona World Race: double-handed race, 7th, with Conrad Colman co-skipper - “Spirit of Hungary” Imoca 60 footer

 — 2016-17 Vendée Globe, 8th - “Spirit of Hungary” Imoca60 footer

Nandor founded the Fa Hajó Ltd. in 1993 in Székesfehérvár. The company's profile during Nandor's professional ocean sailing career was the designing and building of race sailing boats, which was fundamentally changed in 1999 when he officially resigned from sailing. Since then, design and construction of floating pontoon systems and turnkey marinas is the Fa Hajó's main profile. The team's main goal is to create high-quality marinas in Middle- and East-European countries based on experiences around the Globe's most prestigious ports, delivering a reliable, comfortable and long-standing infrastructure for yachtsmen.

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